Costa Rica Adventure Honeymoon

The two of you are looking to pack as many adventures as possible into your adventure honeymoon. Hiking, jungle trekking, surfing and river rafting all sound appealing. You are in luck because your Costa Rica adventure honeymoon will pack all of these into a nice neat bundle. Snuggled in between Panama and Nicaragua with easy access from North America, Costa Rica offers many adventures and two coasts.

Costa Rica Adventure

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Starting at the ocean, you are here for the surf. Both coasts offer many breaks to you for a ride. Good information on local conditions is available on line if you are experienced and packing your own board. Looking for lessons and a board rental then the number of shops are too numerous to mention. Pick a beach with surf and go for a stroll when you get there to survey the businesses first hand. Looking for a quick frolic in the waves, then pick up a couple of boogie boards feel the exhaustion while you sip beers on the beach afterwards.

Costa Rica Surfing

Photo Credit: Bodhi Surf School

Sticking with the water theme but moving inland and up. Let gravity feed your adrenaline with some white water rafting. With several rivers flowing down from the mountains, you can spend your entire vacation rafting down a different river section every day.

Costa Rica River Rafting

Photo Credit: David Berkowitz

Heading into the jungle and hiking up volcanos is next on the adventure. Jungle tours are plentiful in Costa Rica. The question to ask yourselves is what do you want to see. Leading the way in eco-tourism, the ability to immerse in natural ecosystems is preserved for future generations. Hunting for wildlife photos can be your goal. Making your way to stunning waterfalls and a perfect picnic spot may be your preference. Thinking something tougher, ascending a volcano for the views or challenge is right up your alley. Look towards Arenal Volcano National Park as a potential destination.

Costa Rica Arenal Volcano

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Romantic Quebec City for Two

Looking for a honeymoon adventure getaway that feels like Europe without the jet lag? Thinking that adventure alone may be too hard core for your honeymoon? You find the right mix in Quebec City, a city of romance and adventure. Long considered a gem of old European charm hidden in North America, Quebec City has a beautiful river side setting and one of the longest histories on this side of the Atlantic.

Romantic Quebec City

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One can’t help be romantic in a city like Quebec. The french language alone will set you in a mood outside of your normal routine. The feel of an older whole charm with European influenced architecture. The old town is a cobblestone stroll from cafe to bistro to patio to dinner that will keep you happily full.

Wander Quebec City

Photo Credit: David Paul Ohmer

City romance is good for a few days but now you will need to get the adrenaline flowing as well and maybe start working through a few of those calories from the delicious food. First up is more of a nature encounter. Depending on how you feel about small boats on big water it could lead to a good adrenaline shot too. Head out on the St. Lawrence River and go whale watching. The whales, seals, dolphins and belugas are always a treat when they are encountered. Check out any of a number of tour companies that depart from Quebec and the local area.

Quebec Whale Watching

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For some mountainous adventure, only 30 minutes away from the city is Mount Sainte Anne. A premier four season resort area that will give you the gravity, terrain and lifts needed to speed downhill on a sturdy mountain bike. If you are more interested speeding around on your own power, the cross country bike trails will keep you riding for days. This is a well appointed winter ski area that has made a great transition to incorporate mountain biking and hiking to complete it’s year round fun.

Mont Sainte Anne Mountain Bike

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3 Ideas For An Active Honeymoon


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If the idea of lying on a beach all day is already boring you, an active honeymoon filled with thrills and adventure could be just what you need. As the happy couple, it’s completely up to you what direction you take your holiday in: it can be as traditional or bizarre as you like. This article will run down three of the best ideas for a more extreme honeymoon.


You’ll be hard pressed to find a country more filled with action than Australia. This sun-soaked location has plenty of high-adrenaline activities that the two of you can take part in. From bungee jumping and skydiving to surfing and diving, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

Highlights include the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef and rigorous jeep trips to Fraser Island. For more advice on things to do in this lively location, visit


If you both share a love for triathlons, what better way to celebrate your marriage than by taking part in one of the many events that are held in the Caribbean each year? The Nevis international triathlon started 11 years ago and has become one of the most testing and enjoyable experiences in the country – this is an event perfectly suited to couples who can spur each other on.

You can find out more information about the event at Active Caribbean. If you decide to enter, make sure to pack all the necessary equipment and clothing you’ll need for the event. Decathlon are worth checking out if you’re looking to kit yourself out.


A very popular choice among couples is an adventure holiday to Egypt. Ride around on camels, scuba dive in the Red Sea and take in the view of the majestic pyramids while enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. This is the perfect choice for newlyweds who like a little rest and relaxation between their high-octane pursuits.

Honeymoon Adventure, Iceland

Looking for a honeymoon adventure on the way between destinations or a short flight to somewhere completely different? A quick hop between major North American and European hub airports is where you will find your honeymoon in Iceland. Some of the most photogenic and varied lands await close to the Arctic Circle but warmed by favourable currents, active volcanos and friendly locals.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Photo Credit: loic80l

Reykjavík is your starting point. With about two thirds of the country’s population, it is as urban as you will find on the island, but that is not what you are here for. This is the land of glaciers and volcanos. Otherworldly scenery and natural geothermal pools abound. Time for some trekking and exploring. For a full view of Iceland consider touring Route 1. It is the island’s ring road and at just under 1,400 km you will be able to get around in a reasonable trip with plenty of stopping for activities and sights.

Iceland Roadtrip

Photo Credit: meironke

Make time to capture some of the highlight sights. The landscape creates magnificent waterfalls like; Gullfoss, Hjálparfoss and Seljalandsfoss. The geothermal activities create some spectacular sights such as; the Blue Lagoon, Geysir or Deildartunguhver. The people have carved out enchanting farms and villages in the over a thousand years of settlement on the island.

Iceland Farmhouse

Photo Credit: pietroizzo

Getting away from the road can go in one of two directions; off the major road or off the island entirely. Heading off shore for a whale watching tour or to some of the bird islands to colonies of puffins, guillemot or auks will add to your adventure. Heading off the major road leads to exploring volcanic caves, hiking across glaciers and trekking around volcanos. Horse trekking tours are common using the unique Icelandic breed. All other horses are banned from the island to keep this stock pure and free from diseases.

Icelandic Horse

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Australian Beach Honeymoon

Winter wedding and need a warm adventure beach honeymoon? What about the long flight away from everything to Australia. A couple of things come to mind when thinking about Australia; kangaroos and beaches. While the kangaroos may be interesting to watch and perhaps tasty, it will be the beaches that can give you a reason to stick around. Here are some ideas to start your Australian beach honeymoon adventure for your happily ever after.

Australian Beach Play

Photo Credit: Leonard John Matthews

The first beach activity that jumps out for Australia is surfing. If you have been riding waves for awhile then heading out to some of the classics should be on your itinerary; the Superbank on the Gold Coast, Bells Beach along the Great Coast Road and Desert Point on the North Coast if you are interested in some rougher camping. These are expert’s waves and attract very skilled surfers so set your sight else where if this is a learning trip. If the town has a wave there is sure to be a surf shop that can set up lessons where you won’t upset the locals. Playing in the waves could also be on a boogie board or there is some paddle boarding in your future if the waters are calm.

Australian Surfing Couple

Photo Credit: Roberta W.B.

Next up for the planning is under the waves. Diving in Australia can take you to one of the best locations in the world. You may have heard of the Great Barrier Reef. While not beach exactly, if you are a diver or even just a surface snorkeler, planning some time under the waves is a good way to go. As the largest reef system in world, stretching over 2,600 km and studded with 900 islands, there is going to be something that fits both your budget and adventure. Luxury private resorts and multi-day live aboard ships are all happy to indulge a long term diver. If you are dabbling and somewhat casual about being below the waves then a day trip from anywhere along the coast will probably suffice.

Australian Dive Adventure

Photo Credit: Simon Starr

If you are thinking more sporty, then get your serve warmed up and start challenging the locals to some couples beach volleyball. Perennial contenders on the international circuits, the national representatives have honed their skills on the many courts here. You and your partner can start off small and hustle your way up the rankings. Perhaps join a tournament or two to finance the trip.

Australian Beach Volley Ball

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Honeymooning in South Africa


Getting married is the start of a joint adventure between you and your beau. What better place to kick-start that journey than by taking your honeymoon in South Africa? Home to some of the most beautiful animals and picturesque landscapes in the world, it will provide the perfect setting for your vacation.

If you’re tempted, this handy guide will talk you through all of the best places to stay and visit.

Where to stay

Boasting a wealth of unique and luxurious resorts, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your accommodation in South Africa.

One of the main draws of the continent for many travellers is the wildlife. If you’re centring your honeymoon around the country’s magnificent creatures, look no further than the Gorah Elephant Camp.

Bookable through, the resort is nestled in the heart of the Addo National Park and is home to zebras, tortoises, warthogs and lions, to name but a few. Make sure you take your camera to capture all of the amazing sights you’ll see.

The tented lodges are far from the camping you may be used to, providing back-to-basics stays for those looking to reconnect with nature.

Of course, if you’re not ready to ditch your home comforts just yet, you could always choose Rodwell House instead. Nestled in a small fishing village, this plush accommodation is anything but quaint! Featuring stunning courtyards, gardens and an expansive pool, this elegant boutique style hotel is ideal for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Cape Town.

What to do

Once you’ve decided on where you’ll be staying, you can start planning what activities you’ll be doing. There are a wealth of things to see and do in Africa, so make sure you have enough spending money with you. Use companies like Travelex as they offer really competitive rand exchange rates, helping you to get the most for your money.

No holiday to South Africa would be complete without a safari trip. There are various tours in operation, but one of the most popular – and arguably the best – is the Kruger Park safari.

If you’re passionate about food and drink, or merely enjoy a tipple, make sure you check out Cape Winelands for wine tasting and tours of the vineyards themself. Or, if you’re looking for a more relaxing break, chill out on one of the country’s white sandy beaches. Bliss!


Thrill In The Gamble

Your honeymoon adventure can take on many forms. The thrill of rock climbing or river rafting may not be for everyone. You and your beloved get your thrill in the casino. Risk with money drives your adrenaline more than heights or physical efforts. For your honeymoon it is going to take a special destination. Something more than another trip to Vegas or Atlantic City. Besides, there is no need to return to the scene of the crime that was the bachelor or bachelorette party.

Bachelor Party

Photo Credit: dave_hensley

Somewhere exotic is definitely needed but with other attractions because this is not just a weekend junket. That is why South Africa is a great destination of choice. Exotic, because it is Africa. Other things to do are so many that they will keep from the casino and it may become a minor part of the honeymoon. The only South African gambling action you catch will be from an online casino like Casino Midas.

African Safari

Photo Credit: ashwin kumar

Heading out on a safari goes without saying. One can not go to South Africa and not go out in search of big animals. You may not get all of the big five but there isn’t anyone who won’t be impressed with a lion yawning in the sun. Perhaps you or your spouse-to-be are allergic to large animals or have an intense fear. Challenging that may not be the best way to start off your life together. A picture at the airport in front of a promotional poster may work.

Maybe Not Safari

Photo Credit: Dmitry Misyura

There is surfing and general frolicking in the ocean. Scenic drives with stunning vistas from the safety of your car if you are not interested in being out in nature. And then there are the world class casinos that is why you picked here in the first place. Nature, animals and beaches can be had anywhere but you are here for the action. Top destination casinos for South Africa include, the highly ranked by world standards, Sun City. If Sun City somehow manages to disappoint you and your partner to be for honeymoon bragging rights, then I just don’t know what will do the trick.

Sun City South Africa

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A Perfect Combination: A Greek Wedding and Honeymoon


Photo Credit: BruceHH

The Greek islands are a romantic hideaway just waiting to be explored. Sitting amid the Aegean Ocean, they glisten in the sunlight offering adventure, relaxation, and romance.

There are a huge variety of islands; from Santorini with it’s villages clinging to volcanic cliffs, to Mykonos well known for it’s laid back party atmosphere, and islands that have little more than a single B&B and taverna to enjoy.

For romance by choice would be Santorini. With plenty of secluded beaches on the eastern side to run away to during the day and stunning patios hanging on the western cliffs to catch the last rays of the day, it is an island that offers it all.

Instead of planning a wedding at home and then a honeymoon away, why not do it all together? Weddings and honeymoons go hand in hand so why not get away from it all and do it somewhere beautiful?

Destination weddings are easy to organize; you just let your wedding planner know what you want and leave it all in their hands to manage. Easy peasy. Your friends and family not only have the privilege of watching you get married, but they also have the fun of enjoying a spectacular holiday at the same time. Win-win!

Come home relaxed, sun-tinged, and ready to take on the rest of your life.



What Do We Want From Our Honeymoons?


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Romantic beach break or exhilarating holiday adventure?

For years now, weddings in far-flung exotic spots have been in vogue with British couples choosing to tie the knot in all corners of the globe.

Ideas for honeymoons are following suit as newlyweds mark their new lives with breaks that range from traditional romantic beach holidays to action-packed trips.

Asia Tempts

One of the most vast and most exotic regions on earth is Asia with more than ten intriguing and beautiful countries attracting newly-married couples looking for all types of honeymoons.

Freedom Asia do honeymoons in Asia which cater to traditional tastes as well as newlyweds looking for an adventurous start to their marriage.

Cities with a buzzing night-life, breathtaking beaches, adventure sports and stunning wildlife are the perfect ingredients for a tailor-made honeymoon.

New Trends

There’s nothing to stop newlyweds from combining adventure with good old fashioned romance as recent honeymoon trends indicate.

Some of the top activities for honeymooners include swimming with dolphins, cage diving with sharks, paragliding, bungee jumping, scuba diving and trekking. By night, candle-lit dinners and beach walks are still the order of the day.

A typical budget for a two-week honeymoon is £5,000 with experiencing a new culture, sunbathing, reading, visiting historical sites and taking part in at least three adventurous activities all on the average wish list.

Top Destinations

Unsurprisingly, Asian countries are amongst the most popular for honeymooners as new statistics show.

All in all, eastern destinations are the current top choice for newlyweds starting their lives together with a study showing that British couples would like to travel for more than seven hours by plane to get to their honeymoon destination.


To have an unforgettable honeymoon, consulting the experts is vital. An experienced agent can be the difference between honeymoon heaven and disaster.

At Freedom Asia the professionals will listen to all of the dreams a couple has for their honeymoon and get to work on a wonderful trip for them.

This personal service includes working out where a couple will stay during the entire trip, the itinerary and honeymoon extras such as free upgrades and in-room extras.

Loved ones can even contribute to a honeymoon as a wedding gift through these Asia specialists.

In depth knowledge of travel options, resorts and activities in the region ensure a tailor-made honeymoon to meet all tastes and desires.

Postpone the Christmas Honeymoon for a Romantic Winter Break at Home


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Many newlyweds immediately jet off to far-away destinations in search of romance, sun and lifelong memories. This time-honoured practise, though, has it’s pitfalls. If you are tying the knot this Christmas, the price of catching some winter sun for your getaway could mount up and you may end up getting less honeymoon for your money. We suggest you wait until the low season for a foreign holiday and head to London for a winter break to keep costs down and romance up. You can rent a holiday apartment from Casamundo in a variety of locations across the capital, all at reasonable prices.

We take a look at six reasons why London can make your winter honeymoon break romantic, picturesque and unforgettable.

Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights which decorate every town centre across the UK during the festive period are unmissable but none more than those in the capital. Every year many of the light displays across London are themed and this year the glittering transformation of Oxford Street will be inspired by snowflakes. This beautiful accompaniment to winter brings a whole new dimension to the usual London shopping experience.

Ice Skating

Images of snow fall and ice skating in Central Park make New York the quintessential romantic winter city getaway for many. However, with this year’s winter forecast, London will be offering all the charm of the Big Apple for a fraction of the price. In the Christmas season the city is peppered with many pop-up ice-rinks which appear in some of London’s most picturesque places – Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London, Hyde Park and glamorous Chelsea among others. Add to this the beautiful winter illuminations which adorn these historic settings and the appeal becomes apparent.

Christmas Markets

There is no better place to skip the high street bustle to discover artisan gifts, decorations and sample festive food and drink than a Christmas market, and London boasts some of the country’s best. Our favourite, the Southbank Centre Christmas market, which sprawls along the river on Queens Walk, offers many unique and charming stalls selling jewellery, ceramics, chocolates and other festive treats all through the festive period. If you are looking for something even more unique, the Dalston Christmas Market on Dalston square offers many quirky and handmade gifts and more.

The Enchanted Woodland

The Enchanted Woodland at Syon Park takes the Arboretum at Syon and illuminates it to create a fairytale romantic setting. By night the glittering light effects transform the gardens into beautiful enchanted woodlands which wind around the 18th century lake which inhabits the grounds. This attraction is quite unique and not to be missed.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Although a very busy attraction, the charm and excitement of this vast Christmas event has so much to offer. From the Ice Kingdom, which showcases mind-boggling ice and snow sculptures, to gluhwein by the fire at the German bars and snuggling up on the big-wheel fair-ground ride, it is a reminiscent wonderland which offers a great evening for couples to enjoy together.

Trafalgar Square Tree

Each year since 1947, the people of Norway have gifted the city of London a tree in thanks for the assistance Britain gave the Scandinavian nation during World War II. The gargantuan Christmas tree will adorn Trafalgar Square this year and the beautifully decorated tree acts as a focal point for Christmas Carol singing throughout the season. On that note (get it) carol services are another festive treat the capital has to offer and they are held all over the city at some of London’s most beautiful churches and settings.

Whatever the romantic occasion, don’t forget what home has to offer this winter and find a holiday apartment in London at