Adventure in the Search

Deciding on the destination for your honeymoon can seem like an adventure in itself. You could be spoilt for choices. Or you may be on a quest to find a destination diamond in the rough. The options seem to change from season to season as new properties are developed or airline routes are changed. Shifts in political climate may make a previous no go zone open for exploration or the visa rule changes make your month long adventure plans no longer a possibility. Your honeymoon plans are usually made well in advance with all of the wedding details to work out as your date gets closer and closer but the world is a changing place so knowing your options is a good idea.

Change of Plans

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Sometimes there is so much helpful advice on destinations and activities from friends and family that is can seem overwhelming. This is when some focused online searching is in your best interest. You can be looking for current trends in destination choices by checking out the in-depth details on sites like that list multiple options and accommodate packages. It is always a good travel planning step to check in on government sites for travel advisories as it can help you to rule out the areas that may be an adventure but should be avoided. Other times you may just want to outsource the entire process and work with a travel agent after deciding what is important for starting your happily ever after. The adventure could be not knowing until you get to the airport packed and ready for anything.


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As adventure seekers, the hot trends for honeymoon destinations is only one thing to consider, trends for adventure is another. Following like minded bloggers like the Expert Vagabond will provide plenty of inspiration and stunning images to keep you thinking of both new locations or activities or old favourites. You might even find yourself sneaking off to browse new gear for diving or mountain biking because it is more appealing than picking out a wedding cake or working out the seating plan yet again. The only reprieve from other people’s wedding expectations might be found in registering at the local outfitters store rather than discuss china patterns. Regardless of what you need to do to make it through the wedding can lead to the perfect adventure start to your happily ever after.

Beach Wedding

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Beach and Dive Adventures in Egypt

Your dream honeymoon adventure beside, on, and under the waves can be found in Egypt. Finding your perfect getaway after the wedding at a luxury all inclusive escape to Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea coast will have you dazzled by the sun, beach, and crystal clear water. The Red Sea is world renowned for the quality of diving. If you are looking for stunning dive site that range from corals to wrecks you would have trouble finding a better destination.

Red Sea Diving

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Luxury accommodations are the treat that you deserve to start celebrating your happily ever after. A little pampering. Time together without worry. The wedding was where you could celebrate with friends and family. The honeymoon is where you and beloved can focus on each other and start your adventure together without distraction. Luxury is what you need to set the background. You will be taking advantage of the adventure at your door step but you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Luxury Hotel Egypt

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As a diver, there is no need to sell you on the reasons to plan your honeymoon in Sharm el Sheikh. As a diver you may not be thinking about the other adventures available for your honeymoon. Facing the water, you find some stunning white sand beaches. Turning around and you are facing a vast sea of sand. There are adventures out in the sands. Whether you go exploring via camel and on horseback or rip across the dunes on quads and dune buggies, there are adventures in the sand as well as the sea. With canyons to hike, desert camping under a vast vault of stars, and historical sites to discover, there is more than just the undersea beauty to find here.

Egypt Desert Canyon

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The opportunity to indulge in some night life is what sets Sharm el Sheikh apart from some of your other options for the honeymoon adventure you deserve. On top of the spectacular diving, stunning beaches, and desert adventures, you can experience everything from fine dining and cozy bars to thumping nightclubs with world class cocktails. People watching or dreamily staring into each others’ eyes are both possible here. You will be spoilt for choices and will be planning your return before the end of the honeymoon.

Romantic Dinner

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Ideal Island Adventure?

Adventure is a personal interpretation. For some people, seeking an adrenaline rush has no parallel. Others are thrilled by exotic locations off the beaten track. For your happily ever after and the start of your life together, it is all about you and what the two of you want. Advice from friends and family is welcomed but they won’t be on your honeymoon adventure. There is little worry about disappointing others, it is just the two of you on your adventure.

The idea of an island, away from the craziness leading up to the wedding, is appealing. Ocean breezes, soft sand, no maddening crowds and a good dose of luxury sets a nice stage for settling into your new life together. Getting away from the hectic pace of wedding planning will feel like an adventure when you shift down to the pace of island life. Let everything melt away and focus on each other.

Mauritius Luxury

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There are many choices vying for your attention. Caribbean, Mediterranean, South Pacific are popular but for somewhere that will be truly your own experience, plant a little seed, Mauritius weddings and honeymoons. Definitely off the beaten path of regular holiday makers, Mauritius will capture the imagination of even the most seasoned beach bum or boutique hotel aficionado. A little further to go than some of the usual destinations and worth the extra effort.

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and unspoilt by overdevelopment, Mauritius offers the perfect opportunity to downshift. Known for luxury accommodations and a consistent reputation for delivering services to match, you will not be disappointed. The natural environment and developed attractions complement each other.

The ideal honeymoon is something that happens once in your life, the start of the big shared adventure. Racing down mountainsides on bicycles or catching a big wave could be your adventure of choice. On the other hand, a romantic sequestered retreat on a beach may be more your speed. It doesn’t matter where you head, this is a chance to start defining your life together as you want it to be.

Honeymooning in South Africa


There are few places as beautiful, captivating and exciting in this world as South Africa. The country is blessed with a thriving, ethnically diverse melting pot of cultures, and its natural beauties are exceptional, wild and simply have to be experienced to be understood. With all of these stimulating thrills on offer to holidaymakers, it comes as no surprise that the country is a haven for honeymooners, thousands flocking to the great variety of luxury resorts and boutique spots that pepper South Africa. Here are some of our favourite picks for honeymooners wishing to make the country part of their big day.

Garonga Safari Camp

For many, the mystery and majesty of Africa’s fauna is often one of the main reasons why many will embark on a safari wildlife-watching tour, and South Africa is perfect for nature-loving honeymooners too. Stay at the Garonga Safari Camp, located within the 60,000 hectare Makalali Private Game Reserve, where alongside seeing the wealth of animals that populate the sparsely-visited reserve, visitors can spend a night in a tree-house complete with views of the surrounding forests and savannah. Guests can also stay in pristine suites, and come morning are treated to breakfast in the heart of the wilderness.

Cape Winelands

If you and your partner are lovers of the delectable drink, the Cape Winelands, South Africa’s answer to the rolling vineyards of Tuscany and Southern France, is a must-visit, and an excellent place to while away one’s time honeymooning. Set amongst vertiguous mountains reminiscent of the alps, the winery-dotted landscape retains a historic South African feel, and it is here that all of the best vintages, estates and chalets can be found. When you grow tired of the bottles (as if you actually could!), the nearby GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World is only a short drive away. With all manner of fun activities available for those that want to kick back and have a little fun, the destination’s casino is an exciting place to spend a few hours- make sure you get a little practice in at Yeboyescasino on your smartphone on the flight over however; you want to win a little champagne money, after all!

Misty Mountain Reserve

Excellent if visited towards the end of busy, pan-African travels, the Misty Mountain Reserve is a beautiful, unspoilt gem located within the Tsitsikamma National Park. Staying in the lap of luxury, honeymooners can spend their stay in their own boutique cabins that feature spa baths and private balconies that offer fantastic views over the virgin forests nearby and the Indian Ocean. Whilst staying at the Reserve, visitors can explore the world-renowned waterfalls, forests and hiking trails of the Garden Route.

The Irish Whiskey Trail

Whiskey Trail

Ireland has got to be one of the most romantic places on the planet. The verdant green hills, the steely grey water, and endless hiking trails make it the perfect place for a honeymoon.

The pubs of Ireland hold the secrets of the national beer, Guinness; but it’s the whiskey houses where things get interesting. With a great variety of tastes and flavors you may find that a short honeymoon here is not enough to sample all that this great land has to offer.

The Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin is a great place to start your exploration. Founded in 1780 it is at the heart of old time whiskey production and welcomes visitors to discover ancient brewing secrets and sample to distinct flavors from this part of the world.

Alternately, the Dingle Distillery is Irelands youngest distillery, having been founded in only 2012! This modern whiskey making facility holds onto the knowledge of the old masters and is able to produce a fabulous whiskey that makes it worth the visit.

The Kilbeggan Distillery is set in a beautiful building alongside a rushing river. The Premium tour here is well worth the money as is a visit to their lovely restaurant. A great afternoon if you are in the area.

As you head back home you may be inspired by all that you have tasted and may want to recreate some of what you have experienced. Some people go home and learn how to age their own whiskey; others brew their own beer at home and experiment with whiskey barrel aging to try to pull out some of the great whiskey flavors in their favorite beverage. Finding wooden barrels for sale isn’t that hard; you’ll be experimenting yourself in no time!

Keeping Fit During Your Honeymoon

beach runningIt may not seem very romantic to worry about fitness and health while on a honeymoon, but I am sure I am not the only one who just cannot stop exercising even for a week. Here are some of my tips for some non-traditional ways of getting exercise during your honeymoon…

Use Your Hotel Gym

The easiest way to keep fit on your honeymoon can be to use your hotel gym. Many hotels and resorts offer some type of gym. These can be small and not well equipped, but they can offer enough to keep you reasonably fit throughout your honeymoon.

Go for a Run

In most places in the world, there will be somewhere you can go for a run, whether that’s along a beach or through a city. In many places, going for a run can actually be a great way to feel like part of local life if you are able to find a local running track. There are many sites such as this that will help you find places to run.

Take a Treadmill

It may seem crazy to some people to take a treadmill with you on honeymoon, but there are some great compact treadmills available which are relatively easy to take traveling and have the added benefit that you won’t need to leave the room to get some exercise. This site has some lists of the best portable treadmills.

Go Hiking

Another way to stay active is to be active. Incorporate some activities into your honeymoon, such as hiking, that will help keep you fit. Most destinations have some type of challenging hike you can do to help keep your fitness levels up.

Watch YouTube

It may seem a strange suggestion to watch something to stay fit, but this is only if you haven’t discovered the myriad of aerobic workouts available on YouTube. It is not hard to find some type of work out that can suit you.

Home After The Honeymoon


Every married couple looks forward to their honeymoon; it’s coming home to the newly-wed life that can bring a whirlwind of new obstacles. The transition from honeymoon bliss to a domestic everyday life can result in friction. Start your life with your honey on the right foot, with friction aside by following these simple steps:

Sort Out Money Matters

The number one reason behind relationship problems is quite often money issues. To avoid this, you need to sit down and have an open and honest discussion about all monetary issues with your partner way before the honeymoon let alone marriage. It may not be the most glamorous thing to do, but it is a necessary step for a healthy long lasting marriage.

Divide the Workload

Another thing that can throw couples for a loop that may seem silly, but in reality can cause a lot of disagreement, cleaning duties! This may be because one of them is naturally messy while the other is a neat freak. It may be because one member of the couple feels like the housework is being divided unfairly. It may be because the couple disagrees about whether to use DIY household products or store-bought versions. Like all issues that affect couples, the key is to sit down and calmly talk through the issues to reach a common understanding.


Even the smallest things matter, like how you spend your time together and apart. Giving each other necessary space to still have an individual identity is not only beneficial in the long run for both parties, but also a much healthier approach to any relationship. Sharing a passion for each other’s’ interests and strong communication will go a very long way.
If you work together to reach common ground, you will be able to handle almost anything married life throws your way. Be sure to always try to compromise and see things from your partner’s point of view. Flexibility, communication and cooperation are the cornerstones of a healthy relationship.

Keeping Your Cool


Picking an exciting destination for your honeymoon adventure is easy. What excites you? Where can you go to find the best in the world for that? Now start by tickets. Simple for those with an adventurous heart like you and your soon to partner. Those around you may not be so excited about the parts unknown of the world. They are the ones that will ask you where you are heading and immediate tell you about some disaster that a cousin experienced or they saw on the news or even worse, read online. They can’t help it. They love you and want you to be safe. Your know the truth though. Those things may happen but rarely. Besides, admit it. The possibly of something not quite right is part of the thrill for you. Destination honeymoon adventures require planning for thing less exciting.

The reality of destinations are much more mundane. Heading to a hot climate for volcano hiking or wild surf adventures? One of the biggest concerns will be maintaining a cool and collected, sexy look at dinner afterwards. Sweating it out for a killer view it great but sweating through your shirt over cocktails, not so much. Taking a little insurance like Rexona Clinical for men to keep things dry, will go a long ways to preserving you sexy cool appeal.

If you are off to the mountains for a serious powder honeymoon, sweating over dinner will only be a problem if you sit too close to the fireplace. Easily managed by chair selection. The bigger problem will be making sure you are keeping yourself and the love of your life warm. No one wants cold feet pressed up against them as a way to warm up the mood. Get some Merino wool socks on those icicle toes. Great for keeping warm and come with fun patterns if you need something more than the standard black. Just don’t wear them to bed. This is your honeymoon. Socks in bed may be just as bad as asking to tuck cold feet into places they don’t belong.

5 Great Fall Drives For A Perfect Honeymoon


Autumn wedding are beautiful. The crispness in the air, the leaves turning color, and the quality of the light make for a most romantic time of year. A honeymoon taking advantage of this time of year seems fitting, doesn’t it?

There is nothing quite like a road trip, and a road trip in the fall just takes on a whole other level of fun as you drive through beautiful forests, enjoy stunning views, and cozy up in some of the best country inns around. So jump in your Volvo and get going already!!

Here are 5 fabulous fall drives that would make the perfect honeymoon:

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway. This 500 mile route through Virginia and North Carolina takes you through harvest season farmland, and all the bounty it has to offer, as well as the Appalachian forests of N.Carolina displaying their full color.
  2. Lake Placid. A classic fall drive in New York takes you through the Adirondacks and the sugar maples that display an unbelievable red color that has to be seen to be believed.
  3. Skyline Drive. This drive, through Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, hasn’t been named one of the top 10 scenic drives for nothing. Enter into the Blue Ridge Mountains and be prepared for miles and miles of stunning views and a beautiful color display.
  4. The Coast of Maine. There is nothing better than the combination of autumn and the ocean. The salty air lingers just a little longer on the fall breeze while cozy inns call out for an early finish to the day.
  5. Eastern Sierra Mountains. It’s the aspens, willows, and cottonwoods that bring this drive to life. While missing the red hues of the eastern drives, these trees bring brilliant yellows and oranges that have to be seen to be believed. Coupled with a blue California sky, it is a sight to be seen.


Planning a Once in a Lifetime Experience: Your Honeymoon


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Honeymoons are something most people dream of their whole lives. So when the day finally comes, you want it to be spectacular. Without skipping a beat, your first step is ensuring your bank account is ready to take the financial plunge when booking that perfect destination. Investing in a market linked GIC is a great option for those who want to save money while also benefiting from stocks, all while staying safe in case anything were to drastically change on wall street. So start planning, and remember, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity – so make it count.

While it may seem obvious that the first step to planning a honeymoon is choosing the destination, it is not always an easy task. You and your spouse will need to have an honest discussion about what it is that you both hope to experience on this first vacation as a newly married couple. Be sure to consider the time of year during which you will be traveling. Whether you want to stay at a beach resort in Hawaii or in a cozy lodge with a fireplace in Alaska, you will want to choose a destination that suits both of your tastes. Making this joint decision will bring you and your spouse closer together.

Again, one of the most important things to consider on your honeymoon is your budget. This vacation should be a time of fun and relaxation, and it will be much easier to enjoy your time if you know exactly how much you have to spend. Unexpected travel costs can be quite stressful, so plan ahead; research activities in your destination area that meet your budget and plan accordingly. If you have a credit card that earns frequent flier miles or has other perks, this could be a great opportunity to start racking up rewards.

After countless hours of planning your wedding, you will indeed have to spend a few more planning what to do on your honeymoon. You’ve arrived at your destination: what next? Ask your spouse what he/she would like to do. If his/her ideas don’t mesh with your interests, find a way to compromise. There are bound to be countless activities in your destination area that will be exciting for both of you; be sure to keep an open mind. In the midst of planning your adventures, don’t forget to schedule some downtime, as well. While having scheduled activities can be a good way to maximize your vacation time, you will need time to unwind and relax. After all, a honeymoon is a time to get away and have alone time with your spouse before entering the world of married life. This is a great opportunity to start things off right!